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How to Get a Free Professional Email Address With Your Own Domain Name

So your website/blog is up and running and now you want a professional-looking email address ending with your own domain name (eg. you@yourdomain.com). Your desire is obvious but when you look for Business Email Providers, you’ll find they…

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How to Add a Navigation Menu to a WordPress Blog / Website?

Save new WordPress menu

A navigation menu is an essential part of any blog/website. It facilitates the users to jump into any part of the website/blog by just clicking on a menu link. When you install a theme to your WordPress site,…

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How To Prevent Bad Guys Copy Pasting Content From Your WordPress Blog?

Copy protection plugin

You work hard writing unique posts on your WordPress blog, but in this huge world, there are people who do not want to do so. You may feel very disappointed the other day when you see somebody else…

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How To Use NoFollow Tag For Links in WordPress Blog

Ultimate NoFollow - WordPress PLugin

Adding a link to your WordPress blog is the simplest task. But, do you really know that links can be implemented in different ways for different purposes. In this article, I will be going to help you with…

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7 Tips To Optimize Your New WordPress Blog For Search Engines

Cache Plugins

Creating a new WordPress blog these days isn’t a big deal. All it needs a domain name and web hosting to get live. But, make it rank better in search results is really a big deal. And for…

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How To Insert Adsense Code Within Your Post Content In WordPress

Adsense Insertion in WordPress blog posts

Adsense is one of the best and main mediums for new bloggers to start making money out of their blog. And of course it the best among its alternatives. But, if you’ve setup your WordPress blog and your…

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