How to Get a Free Professional Email Address With Your Own Domain Name

So your website/blog is up and running and now you want a professional-looking email address ending with your own domain name (eg. Your desire is obvious but when you look for Business Email Providers, you’ll find they charge on per month per user basis for Business email service.

For example, the basic plan of Google’s GSuite, the most popular Business Email provider, costs you INR 125 per month per user. It doesn’t look too pricey, but still, you have to pay this money in the form of recurring bills every month.

So what about a free forever professional email account? You’ll sure love it but only go for it if you are not expecting too much email usage through this email address, as you always know, FREE comes with limitations.

If 5 GB seems enough storage to you, then there is a service, which can provide a Free business email account like to you, without charging a penny.

The Service is called Zoho Mail.

Indian cloud company Zoho is one of the biggest secure business email hosting providers in the world. Apart from their premium plans, they also have a Free For Ever Email hosting plan, which can be considered to be good for the starters.

On their pricing page, you will find the link for this Free for Ever plan at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot : Zoho Mail

The only thing required to create your free business email is a domain name, which hopefully you may have already own.

Once you click on ‘Sign Up Now’, you will be taken to a form where you’ll provide your domain information and a few other things to register yourself with the site. The whole sign-up / setup process is fairly easy and well guided and takes just a couple of minutes.

At the end of the email setup process, you need to make some changes to the DNS Manager of your domain, to verify the domain ownership and to make the email functional. These changes are a bit technical, so if you are not comfortable with DNS things,  ask for help with your domain registrar or web host.

Once you complete the DNS part of the process, it will take a few hours to verify the domain ownership, as the information propagates across the servers worldwide.

After successful verification, just go and open your inbox. Your professional email is ready!

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