How to Keep Using Classic Editor After WordPress 5.0 Update

WordPress 5.0 has recently launched and bloggers and WordPress users can now upgrade it to the latest version. Yesterday, when I updated my WordPress to its latest 5.0 update and opened the post editor to create a new post, what I saw is a completely new and very unique content editor.

WordPress is calling it a block-based editor. It provides much more flexibility with how content is displayed, whether you are building your first site, revamping your blog, or write code for a living.

There’re some main advantages of this new block-based editor unveiled in WordPress 5.0:

  • The editor looks like your website so that you won’t again and again need to preview content.
  • It lets you do more with fewer WordPress plugins so that site speed won’t be compromised.
  • It works across all screen sizes so that you can create and edit content flexibly in any device.

Not only these, but there’re many benefits of using the new block-based editor that you may find in the About page of WordPress. But, even after that much benefits most of us wouldn’t like to use this new content editor because of changing the writing experience almost completely.

So, if you’re not feeling comfortable with this new block-based editor after updating to WordPress 5.0, there’s a possibility to keep using the old Classic Editor. And, in this post I’m going to guide you for the same.

Here’s How to Use Classic Editor After WordPress 5.0 Update

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to use your old editor in WordPress even after you’ve updated to the latest 5.0 version. To do so, you’ll need to install the Classic Editor plugin created by their own WordPress Contributors to help people.

Just go to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress panel and type classic editor in the search bar. As soon as you see the Classic Editor plugin in front of you, just click on the Install Now button and then Activate after it’s installed.

WordPress Classic Editor

As soon as it’s activated, you’re back to your old WordPress editor. There’s nothing more to do. For making this sure, you can go to Settings > Writing and check if Classic Editor is enabled. And from here, you can anytime switch between these two content editors in your WordPress.

So, it’s all about using Classic Editor after updating WordPress to 5.0 version. Let me know via comments if you found this information useful.

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