What Women Need to Know About Breast Cancer

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You are here to know everything about breast cancer so before we start let’s get started with a fact. Do you know more than 12,000 women suffer from breast cancer? This fact might be enough for you to understand why you must also know about it. Today you will get to know about it so let’s get started.

What is Breast Cancer?

First we suggest you to understand what actually breast cancer is, so comprehending breast cancer it is necessary to first learn about the anatomy of the breast. The majority of the breast is made up of adipose, or in simple words, fatty tissue, which is surrounded by connective tissue, ligaments, nodes, lymph vessels, and blood vessels. A female breast has 12-20 buds, each of which is made up of tiny glandular tissues that produce milk. The buds and lobules are linked by ducts that transport milk to the nipple.