WordPress 5.5 Released: Set Auto-Updates For Plugins & Themes

WordPress recently released its latest and much-awaited update WordPress 5.5 with lots of essential security features. If you’re fed up with updating your plugins and themes and usually forget doing this, this WordPress update is for you.

With WordPress 5.5 update, you will be able to set auto-updates for your WordPress plugins and themes so that you won’t need to manually update the plugins and themes. Whenever a new plugin or theme update will be available, it will be updated automatically.

How to set Auto-Updates for WordPress Plugins?

To keep your WordPress website secure, it’s very important to update the plugins and themes regularly. With the WordPress 5.5 update, you will be able to set auto-updates for your plugins and themes. Let’s learn, how to set auto-updates for plugins.

  • Go to Plugins.
  • Inside the “Automatic update” column click Enable auto-updates action link.

Enable auto updates for wordpress plugins

To enable in bulk, select all plugins, select Enable auto-updates using bulk action selector, and click Apply. Once enabled, auto-updates can be disabled at any time, using the same toggle link.

How to Set Auto-Updates for WordPress Themes?

Just like plugins, enable the auto-updates for WordPress themes is also easy after this 5.5 release. But, there’s no option to enable in bulk for themes. Here’s how you can enable auto-updates for WordPress themes:

  • Navigate to Appearance > Themes.
  • Click on a theme for which you want to enable automatic updates.
  • Click the “Enable auto-updates” action link right below the author of the theme.

Enable auto updates for themes

This is how you can easily enable automatic updates for WordPress themes as well as plugins after updating your WordPress to its latest version. Let’s know the highlights of the WordPress 5.5 update.

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Highlights of WordPress 5.5 Update

This WordPress update highlights the speed, search, and security features. In terms of security, it added an option to allow users to enable auto-updates for plugins and themes so you always know your site is running the latest code available.

In WordPress 5.5, images wait to load until they’re just about to scroll into view. The technical term is ‘lazy loading.’ With these lazy-loaded images, your website’s posts and pages feel faster.

Now, by default, WordPress 5.5 includes an XML sitemap that helps search engines discover your most important pages from the very minute you go live. So more people will find your site sooner, giving you more time to engage, retain, and convert them to subscribers, customers, or whatever fits your definition of success.

Apart from these effective and useful features, this WordPress update has many important highlights from block editor and most importantly, it comes with a big box of changes for developers.

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